Wolfenstein: The Old Blood • Complete part one • 20G • 50.74% of gamers unlocked this

I don’t know how many ‘parts’ constitute the Wolfenstein prequel, but I do know I’ve completed the first of them. It’s been a while since I’ve played with ol’ BJ, but I’ve had a long day, a bit of a week, and – to be frank – I just felt like playing something mindless for a bit.

Killing Alternative Universe Nazis seems to fit that bill nicely.

My lack of concentration hasn’t really helped with understanding the state of affairs as it relates to the narrative, but while I enjoy a good story, I’ve left The Old Blood alone for so long now, I’d struggle to tell you where things are at. Like many other titles before this one, my plan will be to just finish the game and then catch up on the plot on Wikipedia after. It’s a tried and true method.

After tomorrow, I’m entering a bit of a pressure point scenario with achievements. A weekend of family staying and a party here at home means I’ll be hard-pressed to get some console time, but I’m going in a little unprepared because I’ll be at home. I’m sure there’s some magic I can wrangle between Windows, Console or both (streaming) … but, as I say, I’m not making plans so let’s see what happens.

‘Not making plans’ is my middle name.


Crippled but Able


Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus • Perform a takedown while in the wheelchair • 5G • 47.17% of gamers unlocked this

I’d say that it was time for something a bit different today, but seen as I used a substantial number of the original (or the rebooted) Wolfenstein achievements for this challenge, I think ‘different’ is a bit of a stretch.

What I do want to brag about though is Xbox’s brilliant effort to ensure achievements work on game trials! That’s right – I didn’t part with a single dollary-doo to play the first few level (or maybe it’s just the first level and it’s quite long) of Wolfy 2 today, and I still managed to grab a couple of achievements along the way. Sure, it’s no 100% (which I’ll never get on any of the Wolfy’s so long as playing on the extreme difficulty is on there … I’m a ‘Can I Play, Daddy?’ guy all the way), but it not 0G either. It’s good customer service from Microsoft, and they should be called out for it.

The game itself seems to have largely kept the same look at feel of the original/reboot. It’s nazis, it’s guns and it’s interlaced with some cut scenes from time-to-time. Repeat ad nauseam. It also seems to pick up right where the last one left off, including a whole … ‘Previously on Wolfenstein…’ clip at the start, but even for a guy who has probably played it more recently than others … I’m still a little lost in the wilderness. But hey, that’s ok. I know Nazis, and I know guns. Pew pew.

PS – I accidentally saved an image from the Xbox App on iOS and it didn’t crash it! Perhaps we’re back-in-the-game, baby!

Health upgrade II


Wolfenstein: The Old Blood • Unlock the Health upgrade II perk • 20G • 35.69% of gamers unlocked this

A bit more Wolfy tonight. This was a funny perk, I didn’t expect to ever to be able to get it actually – over-boosting one’s health was a pain in the original game, I could never quite get it to the two or three hundred needed to get the achievement, so in tonight’s game, when I got not only the first health upgrade achievement, but the second one as well – colour me purple if I wasn’t going to put it up there as worthy of a mention.

I’ve now met two NPCs which I know are going to come into it later, thanks to my advance view of the achievement list, but that’s OK, I think it’s one less thing from the narrative that I now needed to be explained. I suspect that there’s a progress achievement not far away, but I am completely and utterly fatigued tonight having ran the Bells Bash Cliff Run this afternoon.

4km, mostly uphill in the hot Australian summer sun sounds about as fun as you think it would. Give me 10km on flat ground any day.

If you’re the kind of person that doesn’t mind TMI as well, then I’ve got to tell you: I have a killer chafe on my right thigh. I’ve lathered it in barrier cream (Sudocream) tonight and we’ll see when I come good.

Cue the world’s smallest violin.



Wolfenstein: The Old Blood • Escape Castle Wolfenstein • 20G • 52.48% of gamers unlocked this

I don’t know why I recessed the Wolfy prequel from my gaming lineup. I mean, I do know, I did it because the achievements seemed to take a concerted effort and they weren’t ‘quick wins’, but over the past couple of nights I’ve actually been unlocking them at a fairly steady pace.

While escaping Castle Wolfenstein is a great canonical feat, and the reason I chose it as today’s achievement, it’s still not quite as much fun as …

… the nightmare levels! Man these tickle my nostalgia bones, and I’m a borderline emotionless sociopath, so believe me, Bethesda has gone and done good. I didn’t get a chance to find one tonight (this screenshot is from last night’s gameplay), but there’s a not-insignificant chance I might use level select to go tidy a few of these up before I lock Wolfy Old Blood away for good.

Endurance I


Wolfenstein: The New Order • Unlock Assault Perk 2 • 10G • 13.99% of gamers unlocked this

A bit more Wolfenstein tonight. I knew I had this one up my sleeve for a day where it’d be a tight turnaround, though I admit that it’s a bit lazy to waste it on today’s achievement, considering there was a few other perks I could work towards. Anyway, it’s done, and I can’t ‘unearn’ it, so I’m cashing it in as today’s achievement.

I’m currently working my way through a destroyed bridge level, and I remember having trouble with directions when playing this on PlayStation. Second time around isn’t much better. Every now and then I step outside the destruction to see where I’m supposed to be, but no clear path on how to get there. It’s frustrating, but still considerably less frustrating than the base building stuff.

Anyway, this is just a quick break to check in my achievement before I try and finish this ‘challenging’ level. Difficulty levels don’t change the need for a good sense of direction!



Wolfenstein: The New Order • Unlock tactical perk 1 • 10G • 64.30% of gamers unlocked this

If I could make one request of the developers of Wolfenstein II, it’s that the long, drawn-out, base-building missions where you don’t run-and-gun and kill Nazi’s has to go. I am certain that there is probably some narrative basis for having some ‘slow’ parts of your story, but when you switch from dual-wielding machine guns to walking around sewers looking for a welder, you tend to loose your high.

I had an uninhibited half-hour this morning where I could play Wolfy without the kids nearby, so I took the opportunity to get through the boring base bit, and push onto a level where I could work on my next perk. I can’t remember if I talked about this one the last entry I did for Wolfy, but my final requirement was to do a headshot with a pistol while aiming down my sights (I had already done five of them), so this one wasn’t overly complicated, it just took time to actually find a pistol, and then find an enemy. Sure enough, the mission after my sewer-crawl delivered (after another equally mundane activity running around underwater in some vehicle), and the achievement popped just as it was time to leave for work.

Don’t get me wrong. Wolfenstein is still an amazing game. Brilliant. It is because it’s that good that I can criticise the small stuff, and believe me, it really is small stuff. I actually didn’t mind the base stuff the first few times I played Wolfy, so it’s perhaps more indicative of my fatigue of the story – something the base stuff thrives on – that has prompted my whinge today. Perhaps I won’t mind it in Wolfy 2, but – let’s be honest – there’s certainly much more appeal in blowing people up than aimlessly wandering around a hidden base finding trinkets.

Knife sheath +


Wolfenstein: The New Order • Unlock stealth perk 3 • 10G • 33.33% of gamers unlocked this

Aside from the fact that exactly one third of people who have played Wolfenstien unlocked this achievement, it’s one that I have kept my eye on for a little while as it’s the first time (despite multiple playthroughs on PlayStation) that I’ve actually looked at the requirements for the perk-related achievements.

I was a bit pressed for time tonight (as you’ll note from my 11.39pm posting) as a binge-session of The Handmaid’s Tale, followed by a late-night present-wrapping session for my wife’s birthday tomorrow, meant that I had to be a bit strategic in what I played and what I aimed to achieve. I knew that there was a chance I’d be able to get ‘a’ perk-related achievement if I kept going on Wolfenstein, but of course the level I was up to was a Nazi prison, where you get essentially no weapons until midway through the mission, and even then it’s a knife until the last few sections where you add some throwing knives into the mix.

This perk was for making five stealth kills using thrown knives. I think I got my fifth kill on the second last enemy in the level.

So, mission accomplished for the day. It’s the weekend tomorrow so I should be a ‘bit’ more flexible with what achievements I pursue (touch wood) though I am still keen to get back to Diablo III and pursue some progress with my seasonal hero.

Power to the laser


Wolfenstien: The New Order • Find the Laserkraftwerk • 30G • 56.90% of gamers unlocked this

It’s 11.30pm on a Wednesday night as I log this achievement, which is, admittedly, cutting things a bit fine – but that’s not to say I haven’t been busy!

As I have spoken about before, I attend group training on Wednesday nights, which chews into my evening considerably when it comes to squeezing in both some Netflix and gaming … so I tried to juggle both tasks by opening up Windows 10 and finding an Xbox title on the list. Long story short: I loved spending some time with Fable Legends, a Hearthstone clone through-and-through, as well as a Gameloft mobile title, Dungeon Hunter 5. The catch? None of these games have (yet?) achievements which a real bummer, but I’m doubling down on the hope that progress will carry from Game Preview and the full launch, so one day I might have a swag of new achievements just for sitting around.

Anyway, less hypothesis, more action. I progressed a little further in Wolfenstien this evening, but the exciting part wasn’t even earning this achievement but just before doing so I got to play a version of the Old Wolfenstien!

The whole sequence is wonderful. I can’t recommend this title highly enough.

Fergus saved


Wolfenstien: The New Order • Choose to save Fergus • 30G • 53.79% of gamers unlocked this

It was getting close to midnight so I figured I’d power through and close out that alternative Wolfenstien achievement I’d been chasing. It’s hard to stop playing once you’re in the run and gun zone, though I remember from experience that there is some boring base-building bits later in the game – so I’m relishing this early game action.

Because I’ve cleared my achievement for today, I’m keen to get back to Dark Souls 2 tomorrow. I started a new game using a knight instead, and boy, what a difference class makes! More powerful attack and more health? Yes please!

When that frustrates me sufficiently, I might just carry on with Wolfenstein to soothe the pain!