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W.O.R.L.D.S_ Win Own Reinvent Live Discover Sim 11_05_2018 10_17_38 PM

W.O.R.L.D.S: Win Own Reinvent Live Discover Sim • Perform reactions • 20G • 59.98% of gamers unlocked this

I thought I might have been able to get an achievement a bit earlier tonight, but the footy was on.

I’ll let you sit with that thought for a minute – pick your jaw back up off the floor before you keep reading.

This weekend, I have a whole heap of family about to descend – correction: already have started descending – on my house for a birthday party that we are hosting for an elderly relative tomorrow afternoon. That means that, while I haven’t vocally given any resistance, my TV is not my own … and I’m left either waiting until the end of the evening to get onto the console, or I’m left to find ‘other’ solutions.

Tonight’s solution came by way of the Windows store in a little free-to-play game titled, W.O.R.L.D.S: Win Own Reinvent Live Discover Sim.

W.O.R.L.D.S_ Win Own Reinvent Live Discover Sim 11_05_2018 10_14_17 PM

Firstly, don’t ask me what that means … I have no idea. It feels like they’ve wanted to use the word ‘Worlds’, and then they’ve slapped a whole heap of words together to get an acronym. Much like some dialogue in the opening episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D …

…It means someone really wanted our initials to spell out “shield.”

Titling aside, this isn’t actually a bad little game for the price you pay. It shares similar mechanics with the Doodle God series, which shouldn’t be surprising considering it’s made by the same developer – but it is packaged together in a way that you wouldn’t think a simple puzzler would deliver.

W.O.R.L.D.S_ Win Own Reinvent Live Discover Sim 11_05_2018 10_11_09 PM

My difficulty in this game actually had nothing to do with the game itself, but just the effort required to install it on my laptop. Opening up Windows 10 for the first time in a little while meant that there was 40 apps listed for update. Forty. Four-Zero. Sure, the mileage varied in the update size from app-to-app, but isn’t it so incredibly indicative of the world we live in today … nothing is permanent, everything is always transient. Often in the world of gaming, we lament the loss of cartridges, in which a whole game was finished, bundled, and sold.

Sure, there are benefits to the world of updates – but let an aging man lament the changing world for a while.


Heavy Cavalry


Age of Empires (iOS) • Built a Stable • 50G • 24.14% of gamers unlocked this

What an absolute flustercluck. I absolutely pushed and pushed and pushed to get home, get in front of the TV, turn it on, load up The Wolf Among Us and grab a guaranteed achievement. But as I watched the clock tick closer to midnight, I decided at 11.57pm that I was going to have to make a decision – do I ride out the risk and hope that it all comes good in the end? Or do I use my one remaining emergency achievement from Age of Empires and lock it in.

It turns out that I made the right decision.

I’ve had an absolutely mammoth, mammoth day. It’s Good Friday here in Australia, and so I’ve gone from a morning workout to lunch to cooking for a pot luck dinner, to the pot luck dinner and then home again. I walked in the door a little past 11.30pm and was quick to turn the console on – but just not quick enough it seems.

Dear Phil Spencer – I am now out of last-ditch achievements on iOS since you’ve removed Halo. Send more please.

I’m going to bed with the expectation that The Wolf Among Us‘ story will carry on and tick-off the achievement I was going for. Still … spilt milk and all that.

It does mean that I’m sorted for tomorrow though!

Getting Your Money’s Worth



Clicker Heroes • Get a Mercenary to Level 10

I am attempting a new way to link images directly from Steam. Apologies if this fails to work or is displaying incorrectly.


I thought that I was still a while away from another Clicker Heroes achievement, on the basis that I really had to push for the five-minute quests achievement the other day, so this is a welcome surprise. I didn’t even think to look what hero had reached Level 10, but there’s no point delving too deep into questions one doesn’t really care about, and just take the win for what it is.

In all honesty, I had envisioned a bit more of Tropico 5 today – and this achievement just fell out of when I was doing my morning whip-around of my clickers. With that in mind, I’ll revisit El Presidente another day!

Terminal Velocity


Portal • Fall 30,000 feet

I don’t know what’s wrong with my Steam lately. I’ve been having real hit-and-miss results with my screenshot button on all versions of Steam, and so I apologise for the recycled screenshot. I actually thought I took a really great image while I pursued this achievement (which I attempted twice, thinking that I had fallen enough the first time around to earn it – I hadn’t), but it wasn’t in the usual screen capture folder, nor did the Steam Cloud prompt a pop-up, and so I’m left only with the satisfaction of knowing the achievement is registered on my account successfully – and you know what? Sometimes that’s all that matters.

Same as last Portal achievement, this seems like something that I have likely done multiple times on multiple playthroughs, but this is the first time I’ve registered it on my long term account. Falling repeatedly through portals is actually one of those fun experimental things you try when you first get the option to do so in the game, and turning it into an achievement means you need to set yourself up to prevent any ‘slipping’ and accidentally landing on the side of a portal instead of following through. I found a level with a few corners that I was able to set myself up in, fire a couple of portals at the roof and floor and let myself go.

I’ll try a few different tactics for screenshots on PC over the next few days to make sure I can land a solution, otherwise we’re doomed for the next few months to publish repeats.

Not on my watch, boy.



Clicker Heroes • Ascend the world 3 times

I got a bit confused with this achievement to be honest. I thought I was actually going for the first ascension achievement, but when I ascended and nothing unlocked, I thought it was glitch. It turns out that I already had it … so when, after 20 minutes, I was able to get back to a position where I could ascend again, I tried to do it to see if I could force the achievement unlock, and – as it turns out – I got this achievement instead!

I love clickers.

My Mac was running unusually slow today, so I didn’t get a chance to jump back and forth between my usual clicker assortment like I would normally do, so I really spent some time on Clicker Heroes – trying to work towards some particular achievements rather than just climbing through the levels. Indeed, most of the late-game achievements required you to reach a level after ascension, so in my ignorance, I worked on a bit of an achievement clean-up before going for the ascension. And, let’s be honest, ‘working’ on a clicker isn’t exactly going to cause you to break a sweat – but it’s a game, and games do what games do. They create fun … exactly what Clicker Heroes does.

I’m in two minds about whether to push on for five ascensions or just go for the levels again … but, if I’m perfectly honest, there’s something really satisfying about ascending, and it’s not without its gameplay rewards anyway. I’ll see how the mood grabs me tomorrow, but it might also be a case of showing one of my other clickers some love.

Time will be the ultimate master of my otherwise very, very, busy day tomorrow.




Age of Empires: Definitive Edition • Explored all areas of a single map • 20G • 1.51% of gamers unlocked this

Wow. Talk about a rare achievement. Having watched the launch of the Definitive Edition live from Mixer’s NYC Studio yesterday, some deep-rooted nostalgia came over me, and by the end of the day, I had the 17GB download of Age of Empires: Definitive Edition making its way onto my laptop.

I played a lot of this game as a kid.

A lot.

I am almost certain that most of that time was spent punching in cheat codes and completely annihilating my opponents with an overwhelming display of force – but that was in the days before achievements, so this time around I have to adopt a bit of a nuanced approach.


Right now, I am working my way through the tutorial, which is fairly substantial in-and-of itself. I doubt I’ll get through it all today (another achievement tomorrow, perhaps), but in the meantime, I had to wait around for my Egyptians to harvest and stockpile 800 units of food – so I made one of my scouts ride his horse around the map in the meantime, resulting in a delightful little 20G with only one-and-a-half percent completion rate! One of the perks with starting a game at (re)launch! I imagine that will go up over time, though – as we’ve seen before – people are so philosophically opposed to the Windows Store that they just can’t bring themselves to click ‘buy.’

Their loss.

I have another night of training (three days in a row this week – lucky me!) so I anticipate being completely stuffed by the time I get home tonight. I may be able to dabble in something extra when I get home – otherwise I’m still keen to check out the deals I got in yesterday’s EA sale.

Variety. It’s the spice of life!

Spare change


Halo Wars 2 • Spent 5 Leader Points in Multiplayer or Skirmish • 10G • 48.52% of gamers unlocked this

First of all, I’m slightly miffed about the capitalisation of the word ‘change’, but I suppose, grammatically, they’re correct in their articulation – so while it’s not my thematic preference, I’ll survive.

Secondly, Halo Wars 2 is part of Game Pass now! I don’t see myself getting into the multiplayer side of things much – I think this would be much easier on a PC – but there’s a healthy campaign attached to the game waiting for me to conquer it – so that’s what I’ll do.

It’s actually a bit of a shame that my computer hardware is starting to age, but a 2012 model computer that can still run a low-res copy of Rocket League deserves some kudos I would argue. There are an increasing number of Xbox games making themselves a spot on the (God-awful) Windows Store, and like the console equivalent, sometimes there’s pretty good deals on there. I still quietly pine for a Steam-Xbox merger, but judging by recent reports, it’s little more than spitballing.

Anyway, I’m enjoying what I’ve played of Halo Wars 2 in the meantime. I’m only a few levels in, but it’s good harmless fun – and something a bit different for a change. There’s some low-hanging achievements there for the grabbing as well, if only I could keep my insomniac children in bed long enough in the morning to let me squeeze in a ten minute achievement session!

Vault-Tec Engineer

PC, Xbox


Fallout Shelter • Built 50 rooms • 25G • 8.91% of gamers unlocked this

Wow, surprisingly rare achivement today – but considering that Fallout Shelter was one of the earlier titles on PC Xbox, I suppose it’s not all together unsurprising. That, and most people had already fatigued, or committed to a game on another device, likely made for a fairly low player density to begin with.

Not me though. I’m a regular little solider who goes about chasing those Xbox achievements wherever they may lead me … and you know where they led me today? They led me to build 50 rooms in my Vault 69 to earn this 25G.

I think Fallout Shelter is about a perfect a game you can get on PC. It doesn’t draw much graphical intensity, it is accessible (the pursuit of achievements has forced me to stick with it much longer on PC than I did on iOS … which had the delightful side-effect of learning the game), and it’s just a solid little game.

Elsewhere in my gaming life, I hit Level 60 on the latest Diablo III season last night, which doesn’t bring with it any achievement, but it does get me a little closer to Level cap, and in pursuit of chapter two of the season goals. I think I’ve said it before, but it’s a nice-to-have, not a must-have. I’ve already completed chapter one and gotten my wings, so I’m content.

Natural Born Killer

PC, Xbox

A Walk in the Dark 25_01_2018 10_24_50 AM

A Walk in the Dark • Destroyed 30 dandelions • 10G • 41.59% of gamers unlocked this

A bit more PC gaming today – this time with A Walk in the Dark, which – much like yesterday’s Halo Wars – seems to be running a lot better on my PC than it has done so in the past. Perhaps Microsoft have done some performance tweaks to Windows that have contributed to the improvement – but needless to say, it’s a noticeable boost.

What I didn’t do today is take more screenshots. A Walk in the Dark is a great little puzzler – it requires very little to learn other than left, right, jump and crouch – but with those four combinations, it comes up with some damn hard puzzles to complete, and I’m saying this as a guy who is only up to about Level 17! As a result, I’ve spent more time trying to get to the end of the level instead of finding some great spots to take screenshots – which is my fault only. There’s enough there to keep me occupied without putting on my content creator hat as well.

I think that this is one of Microsoft’s Play Anywhere titles, so I really could be smashing through this on console, but to be honest – now that I have it working with some consistency on PC, I’d like to keep it as a little game that I can turn to when I need a gaming fix on-the-go. I don’t expect that this will be the last time I’ll see this game on my daily challenge, it just won’t be the most regular.

Tomorrow starts my three-day long weekend, so other than working my way steadily through the Diablo III season, I’ve also seen a bunch of my friends chipping away at the Van Helsing (this month’s Games with Gold) achievements, so there’s a not-so-remote possibility that curiosity will get the better of me there as well. The next three days of achievements are going to be a mystery bag … no plans … just pure, unadulterated gaming!

Playin’ the Field

PC, Xbox


Halo Wars: Definitive Edition • Won a Skirmish Game with every Leader • 15G • 4.86% of gamers unlocked this

I thought I’d be able to grab a quick achievement in my lunch-break today, but as it turns out – I was able to put in even less effort to grab this one, thanks to a handy application of good ol’ fashioned AI assist. Admittedly, I did have a go at winning some of the level-specific achievements for the levels that I’d already completed, but I think it requires a bit more research on my behalf before I can confidently cruise through a level like I had anticipated.

I think I used a similar AI tactic in earning the achievement for winning a Skirmish match … so this time it was a simple process of just setting up another four or five games, and letting the computer do the work while I went about my day. I think all-up I contributed about 10-20 mouse clicks to earning this achievement, and, in my view, that’s a good effort in-and-of itself.


My computer was actually running Halo Wars fairly well today. I suspect that having it up on a proper stand where it can get airflow and an unlimited supply of power had something to do with it. Tucked away in a bedroom over Christmas with spotty Wi-Fi and no air conditioning tends to make even the best computers groan a little – but no such problem today. It ran smooth, it ran seamlessly, and it really makes me want to build up my home gaming rig so that I can have this experience all the time!

Tonight is a training night, so I don’t know if I’ll get any achievements at home this evening. It’s more likely that I’ll be able to squeeze a few rounds of Rocket League in before bed. Importantly, I have a three-day weekend coming up, so that means it’s a good chance to polish off a few titles I’ve been sitting on. I’m thinking Ghost Recon and Dishonored 2 are right up there on the ‘need to complete’ list … but I also know that I’ll have a couple of kids in-tow, so it could be a weekend of Skylanders and Disney Infinity. Time will tell.