Wolfenstein: The Old Blood • Complete part one • 20G • 50.74% of gamers unlocked this

I don’t know how many ‘parts’ constitute the Wolfenstein prequel, but I do know I’ve completed the first of them. It’s been a while since I’ve played with ol’ BJ, but I’ve had a long day, a bit of a week, and – to be frank – I just felt like playing something mindless for a bit.

Killing Alternative Universe Nazis seems to fit that bill nicely.

My lack of concentration hasn’t really helped with understanding the state of affairs as it relates to the narrative, but while I enjoy a good story, I’ve left The Old Blood alone for so long now, I’d struggle to tell you where things are at. Like many other titles before this one, my plan will be to just finish the game and then catch up on the plot on Wikipedia after. It’s a tried and true method.

After tomorrow, I’m entering a bit of a pressure point scenario with achievements. A weekend of family staying and a party here at home means I’ll be hard-pressed to get some console time, but I’m going in a little unprepared because I’ll be at home. I’m sure there’s some magic I can wrangle between Windows, Console or both (streaming) … but, as I say, I’m not making plans so let’s see what happens.

‘Not making plans’ is my middle name.


Health upgrade II


Wolfenstein: The Old Blood • Unlock the Health upgrade II perk • 20G • 35.69% of gamers unlocked this

A bit more Wolfy tonight. This was a funny perk, I didn’t expect to ever to be able to get it actually – over-boosting one’s health was a pain in the original game, I could never quite get it to the two or three hundred needed to get the achievement, so in tonight’s game, when I got not only the first health upgrade achievement, but the second one as well – colour me purple if I wasn’t going to put it up there as worthy of a mention.

I’ve now met two NPCs which I know are going to come into it later, thanks to my advance view of the achievement list, but that’s OK, I think it’s one less thing from the narrative that I now needed to be explained. I suspect that there’s a progress achievement not far away, but I am completely and utterly fatigued tonight having ran the Bells Bash Cliff Run this afternoon.

4km, mostly uphill in the hot Australian summer sun sounds about as fun as you think it would. Give me 10km on flat ground any day.

If you’re the kind of person that doesn’t mind TMI as well, then I’ve got to tell you: I have a killer chafe on my right thigh. I’ve lathered it in barrier cream (Sudocream) tonight and we’ll see when I come good.

Cue the world’s smallest violin.



Wolfenstein: The Old Blood • Escape Castle Wolfenstein • 20G • 52.48% of gamers unlocked this

I don’t know why I recessed the Wolfy prequel from my gaming lineup. I mean, I do know, I did it because the achievements seemed to take a concerted effort and they weren’t ‘quick wins’, but over the past couple of nights I’ve actually been unlocking them at a fairly steady pace.

While escaping Castle Wolfenstein is a great canonical feat, and the reason I chose it as today’s achievement, it’s still not quite as much fun as …

… the nightmare levels! Man these tickle my nostalgia bones, and I’m a borderline emotionless sociopath, so believe me, Bethesda has gone and done good. I didn’t get a chance to find one tonight (this screenshot is from last night’s gameplay), but there’s a not-insignificant chance I might use level select to go tidy a few of these up before I lock Wolfy Old Blood away for good.