Begin with a BANG


Tom Clancy’s The Division • Access the Tactical Operations Center • 10G • 10.92% of gamers unlocked this

I’ll admit, it took me a while to work my way around the glut of DLC that I got with the season pass. After the ten minutes of downloading all the outfits, I then struggled through working out how and where to access the respective expansion packs.

After a quick Google, I found the necessary mission I needed to complete to trigger access to the new ‘Tactical Operations Center’. The mission itself wasn’t complicated as far as Division missions go, but there was some confusion around the Base of Operations itself. The AR guide that tells you where to go seemed to die a bit while I tried to find the TOC entrance, but I put on my big boy pants and worked it out.

Tomorrow, I’m making a commitment to try and master Sea of Thieves. It’s really not my cup of tea, but it’s the latest ‘next big thing’, and because it’s free with Game Pass, I figure ‘why not?’

Let’s sea(!) what happens …




Tom Clancy’s The Division • Kill a named Elite in the Dark Zone • 15G • 26.72% of gamers unlocked this

It’s ten minutes to midnight as I start writing this so it is going to be quick! I really wanted to have a session on The Division tonight, following the announcement of its sequel being revealed at the rapidly-approaching E3.

There’s been a lot of chatter on the internet today about how much The Division improved since launch, thanks to a healthy array of patches and ongoing maintenance that has taken it from perceived mediocrity to a half-decent game.

Here’s a confession: I never had a problem with it and I haven’t really noticed much difference since launch.

It’s still a beautiful game. I don’t care if you avoid gunplay all together and just wander around Ubisoft’s New York. I remember at launch going to find the hotel we stayed at somewhere on 50th Street, but some strategically placed buildings and general debris was in the way. I also know, from experience, that it takes much, much longer to navigate the length of Manhattan that my Operator’s, albeit fit-and-toned, legs can carry him. I learned quickly that it was a Not-to-Scale version of the Big Apple.

My ‘named elite’ came in the form of a sharpshooter called ‘Buckshot’. I have a feeling I’ve battled Buckshot before on The Division, but who knows, I might not have defeated him or it might have been with a larger group and I didn’t get the kill … either way I managed to get him tonight with some fancy sniper-play and patience. Patience was absolutely the key.

With that in mind, I have five minutes left to post, so I’m going to pretty-up this entry and hit publish! Tom Clancy himself would be proud of that publication turnaround!