Am I Being Organized?



Mountain • Mountain organizes itself

Today is Mountain day – and letting Mountain run by itself for a few hours seemed to collect a few achievements – notably a couple for doing just that: leaving it by itself!

I wanted to choose an achievement today that actually required me to do something, and I suspect that this one popped because I started cleaning up the mountain. The few hours that I left it allowed it to start accumulating junk … a brick, a CD, the arrow that landed there the other day, etc. Now that I’ve worked out how to actually remove it from the mountain (click and hold rather than click-and-flick!) then I was able to start playing around with the mechanic and seeing what worked. What worked, apparently, was that the mountain rewarded me with an achievement.


As expected, Mountain serves as a beautiful backdrop screensaver or just something nice to have on in the background. Every now and then, much like a fidget spinner, I would zoom in or out on the screen just to see if anything was happening – but for the most part, I’ve left my mountain alone for the day. I might fire it up for a little bit more this afternoon, at the risk of burning through a few other achievements, but I’m fairly sure I’ve said before that while it’s nice to have some ‘in the bank’ for busy days, it’s also a disincentive for pursuing more ambitious goals and other games.

Either way, I’ve enjoyed my time with Mountain. Maybe there’ll be another chance to revisit it in the coming weeks before I move on in the Steam Library!


Call me Nobody



Cosmonautica • Customize a ship without any name

Wow. I thought incorporating a PC achievement into my repertoire was actually going to be much easier than squeezing in an Xbox achievement. After all, I have my computer on me every day – I have a bursting library of Steam games, and I thought a fairly good proportion of them had enough achievements there to keep me going.

As it turns out, some of the games I’m already in the middle of playing have no easily-obtainable achievements to earn (Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms), others are seemingly online-only games with a dead playerbase (CLASH), and others … well, they just didn’t really float my boat, did they?

And so, we arrive at Cosmonautica, a ‘space trading’ game, that does what it says on the packet … it lets you trade in space. I suspect that there is a hint of politics and strategy also involved in the game, but from what I can tell, the most part seemed to be about making sure you could effectively pickup goods from one end of space, transport them to another, and repeat the process ad nauseum.


Graphically, I actually found Cosmonautica quite appealing. It has that whimsical cartoon feel that has echoes of The Sims to it, while still providing enough variety in the levels to not feel like it’s ‘just another house … or planet.’ The characters themselves are probably a bit two-dimensional, largely, I suspect, on account of being randomly generated – with the exception of a few NPCs that are used to set the scene – but other than that, I think it’s a good level of depth for what the game is. This isn’t Star Trek, or Star Wars – nobody wants a cast of thousands and a deep philosophical narrative … they just want a mindless game that makes them feel like a bit of a space rogue running their own show.

I’ve only played a bit of it so far, but from what I can tell, Cosmonautica does a pretty good job of delivering just that.