Leave It To Me!


Grand Kingdom • Finish off an enemy with an Assist • Bronze Trophy • Rarity 36.2% (Rare)

When I say I’ve spent more time trying to get the screenshots off my Vita than actually playing Grand Kingdom, I’m only speaking with a dash of hyperbole. I don’t know whether Sony have made some back-end changes (or removed support all together) for how email works on Vita, I had great difficulty getting Content Manager to work, along with even trying to send the images in a message to myself via the PSN.

The solution I came up with involved downloading LiveTweet, the custom Twitter application for Vita, where I could Tweet the images out from my own account and then save them from there. Not an ideal workaround for the company that pioneered the ‘Share’ button, but there you go. We have, what the kids call it these days, ‘content.’

I started a game of Grand Kingdom a while ago, but never really made it past the first level. It’s actually the kind of gameplay that really appeals to me – story rich, turn-based, semi-strategic combat with beautiful visuals. In these early levels, it’s actually fairly easy to defeat a team of four enemies without too many problems, though I can see a rapidly improving AI that is bound to cause a few headaches as the game goes on.

This achievement was for using an assist to defeat an enemy – perhaps the one move in combat that actually requires the X button. For most other moves, that actually cancels your attack and does what would normally be reserved for the O button, but instead this is a matter of choosing your assist, hitting X and letting them bring some hurt to your currently-targeted enemy. Should be the most simple thing in the world right? Turns out I’d missed a few good chances because I was too busy hitting the triangle or O button in anticipation of ‘locking in’ a move (like you have to do with the player character), so my logic is not entirely flawed.

There’s still a not-insignificant path to tred on this game, so depending on the frequency by which I play, there’s a good chance it will pop its head back onto my monthly Sony selection, or early in the new financial year.


You, The Master of Unlocking


Letter Quest: Grimm’s Journey Remastered • Opened a treasure chest with no incorrect guesses • 50G • 17.71% of gamers unlocked this

Banana. That was the word I earned this achievement on, and I think that’s fairly special.

I’ve played quite a bit of Letter Quest, between the Vita and the PlayStation 4, it’s one of those games that are fun to play with the kids around – plus it feels like you’re working your brain at the same time. I’ve never played the remaster though – but, to be honest, this feels like, if not is, the same thing. This morning, I wanted to cap-off at least one of the achievements that I have been working towards in the past 24 hours … and I did, I earned two! But this one seemed like an actual challenge so it earns a place in today’s blog … making Banana not only a delicious afternoon snack, but also my word of the day.

The game of what is, essentially, hangman, was probably made easier through my application of the good old-fashioned technique of going vowels-first. A, E, I, O, U. So, when I started with A and managed to clear most of the entire word, it became apparent quite quickly that Banana was going to be the challenge word, earning me not only some crystals, but a sweet, sweet achievement as well.

I’m kind of glad I went for an achievement this morning actually. The weather is particularly nasty here at the moment, so it seems like it’s a good candidate for a power outage tonight … meaning that I’m somewhat insulated from that eventuality tonight if it happens.

Before all that happens though – I have personal training to go to. I’m just not feeling it today … I’m tired, my muscles are sore, and I’ve still got an afternoon’s worth of work to accomplish.

Someone cue the world’s smallest violin.

Monster Hunter


Dungeon Punks • Defeat a total of 300 monsters • Bronze Trophy • Rarity 15.3% (Rare)

I can’t really remember if I’ve ever talked about Dungeon Punks or not. It’s, by all accounts, not really my cup of tea. I mean it should be – and the first few levels seemed OK, but I don’t come back to playing it with any great joy or regularity. In fact, it was my son who wanted to play it this month, and because it was a bit on the violent side, I tended to take control and just show him the narrative pieces – on the ship and buying goods, etc. As far as his concerned, it’s just an interactive anime, but the main game is actually a touch more violent – not catastrophically so, more M or PG, but certainly not G-Rated.

I think I this achievement must stack because I wouldn’t say that I’m very far through the game. I’ve played a few levels and died a few times, but ultimately this is simply awarded by virtue of game tenure. I don’t have any strong feelings about that – I like achievements that reward you for progress, particularly if they can be accomplished throughout the course of a normal play through, but there’s nothing really challenging in earning this trophy, other than the fact that I’ve had to replay levels a few times because I died, and ultimately, those replay kills have jacked up my tally. Quantity over Quality.

In the world of PlayStation, I’ve actually been eyeing off a return to Danganronpa, but part of me also says that this would be worth doing on PC so as to not have to revisit the three or so chapters that I’ve already done on Vita (and have since lost the save game for) … so time will tell if I actually venture back there … but I’ll likely add a word or two here if-and-when (and where) I do.

Showing True Colours


Hue • Change colour for the first time • Bronze Trophy • Rarity 90.7% (Common)

This seems like a good a place as any to both list my November PlayStation Trophy as well as have a bit of a whinge. I’m going to whinge first …

You see, in less than an hour, the Xbox One X is released in Australia, and for the first time in a long while, people have been talking about Microsoft with some reverence. It’s finally here, the box that will wipe away the Mattrick taint from the Xbox brand and try, try to find a foothold in the gaming market. During my afternoon skim of the news, I found this oddly-titled post in the feed of Kotaku Australia.

It’s a mess of an option piece, starting with the argument that Xbox will fail because it’s not people’s ‘default’ system, and then concluding the article with a lengthy diatribe about how hard it is to navigate the Xbox UI. I mean, for a journalist – a games journalist – navigating the UI for one of the main consoles shouldn’t really hold so much weight over how you view the console. Surely not enough to have that much sway over it, anyway.

I’ll admit, I’m a little bias when it comes to console selection. I have good reason, and plenty of evidence I can cite in support of my opinion, but at the end of the day, it’s just that – opinion. I shout into the echo chamber of this blog once a day, but in comparison to Mark Serrels’ piece, my viewer count is way, way down.

The article feels like the “Warning: Contents May Be Hot” of articles. I mean, the Xbox has it right there on the main screen – “My Games and Apps.” My. Games. And. Apps. Did it get through that time? Complaining about how difficult it is compared to PS4 is good evidence to support the popularity of hating Xbox. When people want to pile on – they really do.

So, while the populace is hating Xbox, let’s talk about PlayStation. I’m still hating PlayStation, so I can’t bring myself to do anything on it other than watch Foxtel (the Xbox Foxtel App keeps crashing on us), so instead that business goes to my PS Vita for chasing trophies. A fun little game from this month’s PS+ titles, so I’ve spent some time with it and collected a few trophies.

The game could really do with a mini-map or some sort of navigational aid, but it’s a
small critique in an otherwise fun little title.

I’ll be waiting …


Hatoful Boyfriend • Get the BBL Ending • Silver Trophy • Rarity 8.7% (Very Rare)

I spent this weekend and the early hours of this morning getting 100% of the PlayStation trophies for a pidgeon dating simulator. I think, if anything, that’s probably good catalyst to go away and have a good, long hard think about one’s life choices.

Look, I don’t know what the hell is going on in Hatoful Boyfriend. I tried to read the Wikipedia article and digest the plot summary and I think I’m now even more confused. The basic premise is that 80% of the game requires you to play a human teenager trying to run the complicated gauntlet of high school dating … with birds. Then, once you’ve essentially unlocked all those stories, you get to the ‘real’ story and … my God, it’s a very different tale. And a longer tale too – I thought I’d be able to breeze through it before bed last night, but ended up falling asleep and waking up with the Vita beside my pillow. So, I pushed on with the story this morning until its equally strange conclusion.

I’m not going to lie – this isn’t really my kind of game. I didn’t realise it was less a game and more a visual novel, but not in the same mould as Telltale … far more … Japanese.

If anything, this experience has given me a new appreciation for my Vita. This is portable gaming done properly – I still have a distaste for PlayStation and, more specifically, the PSN, but you can’t fault the Vita’s ability to deliver console-level quality on-the-go. If I’m to keep getting the same mileage out of my Vita as I think it deserves, I suspect I may have to get used to these style of Japanese clicker narratives.

Time will tell if that suits my tastes or not.

Some flies 


Spy Chameleon • Complete the fly challenge on 15 levels • Bronze Trophy • Rarity 41.2% (Rare)

It’s the last day of August and, if I’m perfectly honest, the only time I’ve turned on my PlayStation 4 this month was to watch Game of Thrones as the horrible Foxtel Now App keeps crashing on Xbox, and, judging by internet comments, there is no appetite from Rupert to fix it. Such is life.

So, I stuck with a Vita game again for my trophy this month. And while I was tempted to use one of the trophies I earned back in the first week of August, the spirit of the challenge is that I document my encounter the day-of. So, over breakfast this morning, I spent some time tidying up a few levels on Spy Chamelon to earn the trophy for grabbing all the flies in 15 levels – otherwise known as the ‘first stage’ of the game.

Look, it’s a good game. It’s exactly the kind of game I’d expect to play on the Vita, but without the killer commute every day, my appetite, and ability, for on-the-road gaming has waned. I think for September I’ll try for one of the PS4 exclusives if I can find an affordable copy somewhere, but I’m going through such an anti-PlayStation phase at the moment that I’m not sure how much enthusiasm I can muster. That didn’t stop me from purchasing the 15 months-for-the-price-of-12 PlayStation Plus though. I’m not completely stupid. But the downside is, is that I had to do it on my original gamertag so I could keep building my Vita library.

As I say, a little bit anti-PlayStation right now.

Spy Chamelon is fine. It’s a fine game. I can’t remember if I got it for free or if I paid a few bucks for it, but either way, it’s cheap and cheerful and worth a few minutes if you want to kill time. That’s what I did, today, from my kitchen table, and I’ve met my PlayStation challenge for another month.