My Name is Mayo!


My Name is Mayo! • Unlock all the trophies! • Platinum Trophy • Rarity 94.2% (Common)

I actually planned on writing this entry with a negative infliction – paying-out on this title that requires little more than smashing the X button 10,000 times, with the odd moment of respite to switch the ‘challenges’ around for the correct unlock.

But then I also realised I’ve spent the better part of this year writing my PC entries about clickers and how much I’ve enjoyed them, so I had a ‘what’s it gonna be?’ moment with myself, and I’ve honestly come down much more positively.

There’s something really bloody nice about a Platinum trophy. I’ve earned a few of them in my time – all on my old account, and this is my first one using my preferred login … which has, until now, been abandoned largely as a result of my ‘anti-PlayStation’ kink. So now that I’ve started my journey to boost my PSN profile again, I’m hoping I might be able to find other short and sharp casual games to see if I can hoard a few more platinums. Time, money and inclination permitting.

In terms of gameplay – well, I’ve written it all haven’t I? You click. You click some more. Click, clickity click click click …

… If you don’t wear out the X button first.


Monster Hunter


Dungeon Punks • Defeat a total of 300 monsters • Bronze Trophy • Rarity 15.3% (Rare)

I can’t really remember if I’ve ever talked about Dungeon Punks or not. It’s, by all accounts, not really my cup of tea. I mean it should be – and the first few levels seemed OK, but I don’t come back to playing it with any great joy or regularity. In fact, it was my son who wanted to play it this month, and because it was a bit on the violent side, I tended to take control and just show him the narrative pieces – on the ship and buying goods, etc. As far as his concerned, it’s just an interactive anime, but the main game is actually a touch more violent – not catastrophically so, more M or PG, but certainly not G-Rated.

I think I this achievement must stack because I wouldn’t say that I’m very far through the game. I’ve played a few levels and died a few times, but ultimately this is simply awarded by virtue of game tenure. I don’t have any strong feelings about that – I like achievements that reward you for progress, particularly if they can be accomplished throughout the course of a normal play through, but there’s nothing really challenging in earning this trophy, other than the fact that I’ve had to replay levels a few times because I died, and ultimately, those replay kills have jacked up my tally. Quantity over Quality.

In the world of PlayStation, I’ve actually been eyeing off a return to Danganronpa, but part of me also says that this would be worth doing on PC so as to not have to revisit the three or so chapters that I’ve already done on Vita (and have since lost the save game for) … so time will tell if I actually venture back there … but I’ll likely add a word or two here if-and-when (and where) I do.

I’ll be waiting …


Hatoful Boyfriend • Get the BBL Ending • Silver Trophy • Rarity 8.7% (Very Rare)

I spent this weekend and the early hours of this morning getting 100% of the PlayStation trophies for a pidgeon dating simulator. I think, if anything, that’s probably good catalyst to go away and have a good, long hard think about one’s life choices.

Look, I don’t know what the hell is going on in Hatoful Boyfriend. I tried to read the Wikipedia article and digest the plot summary and I think I’m now even more confused. The basic premise is that 80% of the game requires you to play a human teenager trying to run the complicated gauntlet of high school dating … with birds. Then, once you’ve essentially unlocked all those stories, you get to the ‘real’ story and … my God, it’s a very different tale. And a longer tale too – I thought I’d be able to breeze through it before bed last night, but ended up falling asleep and waking up with the Vita beside my pillow. So, I pushed on with the story this morning until its equally strange conclusion.

I’m not going to lie – this isn’t really my kind of game. I didn’t realise it was less a game and more a visual novel, but not in the same mould as Telltale … far more … Japanese.

If anything, this experience has given me a new appreciation for my Vita. This is portable gaming done properly – I still have a distaste for PlayStation and, more specifically, the PSN, but you can’t fault the Vita’s ability to deliver console-level quality on-the-go. If I’m to keep getting the same mileage out of my Vita as I think it deserves, I suspect I may have to get used to these style of Japanese clicker narratives.

Time will tell if that suits my tastes or not.

I ain’t afraid of no Ghosts …


I spent some time this weekend dabbling in the Open Beta for Ghost Recon Wildlands. It’s a good game – it is visually pleasing, there’s the hint of a good story and once you work out the technology that this unit-come-army pack with, you start to enjoy it even more.

I took the opportunity to capture some gameplay from the first few missions on the PS4, along with some general free-play in-between.

As I say, it’s a good game, but just not great. Perhaps wait until you can borrow it off a friend or grab it in a Steam Sale … if you can wait that long.