What in Tar-Nation?


Super Lucky’s Tale • Fell into a tar pit • 5G • 6.38% of gamers unlocked this

I think I confused my kids by being happy about getting this achievement. I suppose stating that you need to fall off an edge and dive into tar to get an achievement is kind of confusing – the reward for doing normally complicated tasks being diluted with something as silly as this brings me great joy as an adult, but I empathise with the sideways glances and the twenty post-tar pit questions.

The tar pits themselves don’t unlock until about the final third of the third world, so I’ve actually been playing a whole lot of Lucky that didn’t yield an achievement this morning. For instance, I completed every one of the statue move challenges, one of the race challenges, a whole bunch of levels and just general coin collecting today, none of which yielded me an achievement. I mean, it’s all ‘progress’ I guess, but I had hoped for something a bit more substantial a bit earlier on.

I also can see some achievements tied to coin collecting, but other than that – their purpose in the game remains confusing. That being said, I’ll never say ‘no’ to an achievement, so if it gets me a day off I’ll take it.

Last thing I want to mention today is that we’ve booked a weekend away in about a month’s time and I don’t think it’s going to be PC-appropriate … Xbox really need to step up their efforts to get me that iOS Halo port, or some Microsoft Solitaire achievements are going to be desperately needed. I’ll be spending some time in preparation for the weekend, so don’t be surprised to see my account spike with a few heavy sessions on Solitaire. Worse case scenario is that I downgrade an old phone or iPad for Halo, but we’re not quite at that crisis point yet (plus I really wanted to save those achievements for an Indonesian holiday later in the year) – so watch this space.


Rabbits in a Maze


Super Lucky’s Tale • Retrieved King Bunny’s carrot within the Garlic King’s maze • 40G • 10.79% of gamers unlocked this

Before I begin, I have to say that the description for this achievement sounds like something you concoct out of a night of drunken philosophising around an old table on someone’s back porch. It’s actually one of the simplest achievements you can ever earn, and involves grabbing a carrot and heading to the left of the maze where you can find King Bunny eagerly awaiting his fix of Vitamin C.

I actually started the night off with a bit of Skylanders. I went to Chapter 8 on Trap-Team (don’t ask me what level that is – it’s one with Dream catcher) with the intent of doing some achievement clean-up, but I was blowed if I could find the waterfall area I was supposed to go to, let alone the little gold balls to knock off their platform. I’m not too concerned with any sort of completion of Skylanders, but when I have a chance to play with the kids, I like them to somewhat influence the decision about title.

It just so happens they chose wrong.

With some subtle suggestion, I managed to get them excited about playing some more of Lucky, and after a few levels, we’ve arrived at the final stage of the Vegetable world. Time and inclination got away from us to finish the whole level, but I am certain that it’s only a short replay to get back to where I was earlier.

Tonight I hope to finally capture/kill Predator on Ghost Recon Wildlands, but it’s certainly been a frustrating few hours over the course of the long weekend, and there’s ostensibly no achievement attached to it, so I’m treating this more as a feat. Of course, it could all be for nothing if I have another frustrating night of being shot in the head by an alien, so we’ll see whether it ends in a pleasing victory or a controller through the TV.

They See Me Rollin’


Super Lucky’s Tale • Completed a Marble Mingame • 10G • 13.90% of gamers unlocked this

Some more Super Lucky’s Tale today. I have a lot of other games that I could be playing – but let’s be honest, it’s a long weekend here for much of Australia, I’m tired, and having the kids get a bit excited when I earn a clover or finish a particularly challenging level is kind of rewarding. And when I say ‘kids’, I really mean me.

I earned a few achievements with Lucky today – there seems to be a few achievements designed to reward your ‘firsts’. I finally managed to obtain some mastery of that challenging 2D level that was bothering me yesterday, and I also managed to clean-up achievements for earning all of the L-U-C-K-Y letters on a level and for completing a ‘Burrow Run’.

But the achievement I chose for today was for completing a Marble Minigame. My first thought for this game was: ‘thank God I’m not trying to complete this with sixaxis’, because while the level wasn’t the most difficult thing I’ve ever tried to accomplish in gaming – the aforementioned tiredness has certainly lowered my threshold for making frivolous mistakes.

If I’m perfectly honest, I still made the odd mistake – certainly there were a couple on the second of two Marble Minigames I accomplished – but they were more the result of trial-and-error than my lack of concentration. I managed to stay just on my own good side long enough to complete the two of them, so ‘bully’ to me.

This is also a good chance to welcome any newcomers to the blog who might have found it via the new Instagram page: @achievementaday. I found that my account is filling up with a whole raft of quite good gaming screenshots, and it seemed a waste to tuck them away on Facebook, Twitter and this Blog, so why not expand the scope a little and use an actual medium dedicated to visual content? Anyway, if you’re new here – welcome. Check out the ‘About‘ page for the details of the challenge as we rapidly approach the final quarter.

This afternoon I’ll be broadening my horizons again with some more PlayStation and PC gaming. I’m not sure what I’ll fill in my time with the most, but I’m a man of much whim and flimsy – so it’ll be a surprise for us all.

Lost in a Book


Super Lucky’s Tale • Completed the Prologue • 5G • 86.37% of gamers unlocked this

It’s nice to try different things. Yes, this is overtly a kids game, and yes, this is pretty much the knock-off Crash Bandicoot that you think it’s going to be – but it’s been a while since I’ve sat down and played a nice, mindless kids game (with the exception of Skylanders, LEGO Dimensions, and everything else that my kids like to play). Alright, fine. I love kids games. This one is no different – it’s good, harmless fun.

Well … it seems harmless, until I ended up needing to turn it off for a while after a particularly frustrating little platforming section that caused me to fall off more times than have a successful run.

This achievement in-and-of itself doesn’t require you to do anything. It pops within twenty seconds (give-or-take) of the opening footage starting, which makes the 15%-odd percent of people who haven’t earned this achivement just … well, strange. It’s not the first time I’ve commented on strange statistics around achievements, so I don’t think there’s much value re-litigating it, but it makes you wonder about the value of percentage earned, and likewise on PlayStation, the rarity of particular achievements.

I wouldn’t say I’m enjoying Super Lucky’s Tale, but I may get to the end of it just by virtue of having ‘not much else’ to play while the kids are around. It’s tiring, and messy, having to get a whole heap of portals and Skylanders or LEGO or whatever Toys-to-Life game the kids want to play out and setup and playable, whereas at least with Lucky I can just hit the button and go.

It does seem like an unusually big game though – but that might just be clever game design that gives the appearance of depth. The race will be on to see whether game length can outlast my attention span …

… or my kids’ attention span.

Imagine All That Imaginite!


Skylanders Imaginators • Open 50 Imaginite Chests • 50G • 53.13% of gamers unlocked this

Ahh, Skylanders, I feel like it’s been a while … it probably hasn’t, I seem to play it at least once every 2-3 days (not necessarily going for an achievement), but between the multiple profiles and save games on the console, I really get a bit lost as to where I’m up to.

Tonight though, I was steadfast in my commitment to make some game progress on my account. Truth be told, the kids don’t really care about achievements – their interest is more in making sure that they get a turn at a particular toy or another (we all have our favourites), but I knew that I was close to this one so I figured: ‘why not?’

The array of areas and ways where you can obtain chests is fairly wide-ranging. I simply replayed the first half of an early level which was enough to score a couple of chests here-and-there, and certainly more than the couple I needed to earn this achievement.

Tonight I’m planning a session on vanilla Destiny with a friend who has just bought the collectors edition, so assuming there’s not a mammoth update needed, I may be able to grab a couple of sneaky achievements that I missed last time. I’m not optimistic but it doesn’t matter too much – I earned my raid achievement and that was enough to sate me.

… and I’m typically an insatiable beast.

(Not sure where that came from. It’s been a long week!)



Clicker Heroes • Ascend the world 3 times

I got a bit confused with this achievement to be honest. I thought I was actually going for the first ascension achievement, but when I ascended and nothing unlocked, I thought it was glitch. It turns out that I already had it … so when, after 20 minutes, I was able to get back to a position where I could ascend again, I tried to do it to see if I could force the achievement unlock, and – as it turns out – I got this achievement instead!

I love clickers.

My Mac was running unusually slow today, so I didn’t get a chance to jump back and forth between my usual clicker assortment like I would normally do, so I really spent some time on Clicker Heroes – trying to work towards some particular achievements rather than just climbing through the levels. Indeed, most of the late-game achievements required you to reach a level after ascension, so in my ignorance, I worked on a bit of an achievement clean-up before going for the ascension. And, let’s be honest, ‘working’ on a clicker isn’t exactly going to cause you to break a sweat – but it’s a game, and games do what games do. They create fun … exactly what Clicker Heroes does.

I’m in two minds about whether to push on for five ascensions or just go for the levels again … but, if I’m perfectly honest, there’s something really satisfying about ascending, and it’s not without its gameplay rewards anyway. I’ll see how the mood grabs me tomorrow, but it might also be a case of showing one of my other clickers some love.

Time will be the ultimate master of my otherwise very, very, busy day tomorrow.

Statue Smasher


Skylanders Trap Team • Chapter 3: Destroy 4 stone Chompy heads • 10G • 18.71% of gamers unlocked this

Sometimes you have to be opportunistic in your achievement hunting – this one came by way of piggy-backing off my son trying out a new Skylander, so I ‘subtly suggested’ that he might like to attempt this level after seeing what achievements I had left on my list.

The trick here is in the variety used to smash the heads. Two of them were done with cannons, and I kept looking around for a third cannon to destroy, but – as it turns out – I just needed to push a block off a cliff instead.

Tonight’s entry is a quick one, because I started it, then got deep into my Diablo III season (Level 68 … so close!) – which is exactly where I’m going back to for a quick rift before bed, so if you’ll excuse me …

Everyone’s got to Start Somewhere


Zoo Tycoon: Ultimate Animal Collection • Started your first zoo • 10G • 62.85% of gamers unlocked this

I’ve had a fairly good day gaming. It’s probably only been about three hours of console time all-up, but I’ve certainly had a good dose of both quantity and quality of gaming.

To start with, I completed the first milestone in Diablo III‘s season, reaching level 50 and levelling most of the merchants up to level 10. I’m going to persevere and try and get my Witch Doctor, my character for the season, up to the level cap as I pursue the ‘get all characters to level 75’ achievement, but in all honesty, I’m quite happy if this is the only milestone I get to for the season. It earns me a nice portrait frame and, more importantly, a set of wings – with the other levels really just a variation on the same theme

From there, I moved onto a few games from the Game Pass collection that I thought would be ‘not unpleasant’ to play. Other than today’s achievement title, Zoo Tycoon, I also dabbled a little in Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine, and Joe Danger 2 (having already had a few sessions of the original on Vita lately).

Anyway, needless to say that I got some gameplay in on a few titles that I otherwise would have taken a while to get around to … if at all. It’s been fun, but I suppose I should concentrate a little bit on my achievement for today.

Zoo Tycoon is a surprisingly fun game – though I think it’s a case of being ‘simple to understand, difficult to master’, given that the one scenario I attempted (the ‘Australia’ one because, hey, it’s Australia Day) I failed because the animals weren’t happy enough, and even the tutorial seemed to take me way longer than it seems like a normal human being should take.

I don’t know why, but I actually didn’t take many screenshots of Zoo Tycoon. In fact, the one you get at the top of the blog post is it for the day. Visually it’s not a bad game, and as a family title, it certainly would have been a good showcase at the launch of the Xbox One X. There’s a couple of reality-jarring moments that take you out of the game – like pedestrians sliding out of the way of your buggy – but these are minor quibbles in the bigger picture.

So, that’s one day out of three done for the long weekend. Here’s to another day of frivolous gaming tomorrow!

Blob survivor


de Blob 2 • Completed a level in a single playthrough without dying • 5G • 31.85% of gamers unlocked this

The levels on de Blob 2 are surprisingly long. If you’re after bang-for-buck, then it’s probably not a bad deal – the developers at Blue Tongue Entertainment (RIP) seemed to have ‘filling’ the level down to a fine art. I’m not entirely sure what level the game was originally pitched at though. It seems far too advanced for my kids, and I feel like the narrative is pitched too low for an older audience, so the happy medium is probably … well … me. Dads who need something to play that is acceptable for their kids to watch but still provides the slight snifter of mental challenge that comes from gaming.

This seems like one of those achievements that you should get on the first level, and I can’t really remember when-and-where I got killed in the intro level, but either way – Level No. 2 (‘Downtown’) seemed to get the job done. There were a couple of moments where actual enemies who latch onto you managed to get me, and smashing the A button to get rid of them didn’t look like it was doing much, but clearly my superior intellect and reflexes got the better of them. Net result: No deaths.

What is making matters probably the worst is that my Xbox One S Controller (which I got because it had Bluetooth) has a faulty right stick, which is causing problems in most of my games, but in something like de Blob 2, lining up jumps and just trying to get the visuals right is fairly painful when you’re forced to smash the controls just to get some minor adjustment. I suspect that the controller is out of warranty now, and any of the other ones are just so darn expensive. The kids have hidden, or ‘put away’ my other OG Xbox One controller, and all I have left is my Project Scorpio Limited Edition controller, and I’ll be darned if I’m taking that out of the packet for anyone to get their grubby little hands on.

I feel like I don’t have a lot of joy in terms of Xbox games to play at the moment. Ever since I killed Silent in MGSV, I haven’t felt like going back to it. Episode 1 of Destiny 2 has no new achievements (I’m quietly seething on the inside about this) and everything else requires time and effort. This isn’t a resignation, just an observation – in the wise words of Dr. Ian Malcolm … “Life, finds a way.”

Attack of the Clones


A bit of an easier day today, just relaxing at home and doing an odd job or two. My son has perked up a bit from his virus, and he had his heart set on playing ‘The Woody Game’ (Disney Infinity 2.0) but it kept crashing on launch so I’m not sure if it’s a problem on my end, or when they turned the servers off did it render the game useless? Either way, I managed to convince him to work with me on the next best thing (that didn’t require me to get toys and peripherals out of the cupboard), LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Series. 

We worked through a couple of levels together, most frustratingly was flying Republic Gunships up a down a cliff face that somehow rendered the ships useless when you ‘fell’ off, but we got there in the end, down to the satisfying finish with Yoda vs. Count Dooku.

The rest of the day will continue to be spent by ‘taking it easy.’

This achievement is worth 20G and 34.64% of gamers have unlocked it.