He’s a demon too


Devil May Cry: Definitive Edition • You helped Phineas by retrieving his eye • 10G • 32.86% of gamers unlocked this

I am off work today with a bad back. I never knew what a bad back entailed – I have had a soft tissue injury to my back before, but this morning I was so debilitated that I felt like screaming just to get out of bed. I had hoped a shower would fix it, but that nearly caused me to throw up (likely from the pain), and by the time my wife got to me, she described my pupils as pitch black, and my face ghost white.

Needless to say, I’m not doing well.

But, hell or high water, I was going to get my achievement. Even if it meant throwing more money at micro transactions in Age of Empires, or getting my son to bring me my PC in bed, I was going to make it happen.

As it turns out – what has been the most useful for me in regards to pain has been walking around. Just simply walking around the house. Even now, I’m walking as I write this on my phone – my back feels like it’s constantly about to give out, but it’s better than sitting and having the same feeling compounding the longer I sit. So, with a relatively new degree of mobility, I thought I’d make an attempt at one of the titles on the shame pile. Devil May Cry got the guernsey.

I actually had to complete two levels to get this achievement. Clearly the one the prefaces the Phineas level isn’t worthy of its own gamerscore, but all up it was probably a solid half-hour (on human difficulty) to navigate the world of limbo in pursuit of Rupert Murdoch … or whatever the fictional equivalent of him is, anyway.

I think I’ve mentioned in the past, but DmC requires an extraordinary amount of muscle memory to be able to pull off the truly great combinations. My piecemeal approach to playing DmC hasn’t helped me with the big scores, but I feel like a solid, straight playthrough is the best way to experience the game – if not just for narrative but for gameplay as well.

What it isn’t, however, good for is people with a bad back who can’t dedicate the whole day to a gaming cause.

If you’ll excuse me, I have to pace around the house some more.


This baby sure can pack a punch


Devil May Cry: Definitive Edition • You have acquired Eryx • 20G • 36.45% of gamers unlocked this

Ah, Xbox. I haven’t forgotten you. Tonight was essentially an opportunistic chance to tidy up ‘something’ from the library, and Devil May Cry seemed like a good opportunity to grab a meaty achievement without feeling like I was either calling-it-in or spending all night grinding.

Tonight’s mission was largely around defeating a Succubus, which was an amazing creation in the DmC universe. It’s big, it’s ugly, and it has some of the best dialogue I’ve seen for a while … faint echoes of Duke Nukem.

At the end of the level, you unlock gauntlets for Dante which I don’t recall ever being part of his arsenal, but it’s a brave new world and variety is the spice of life, so I’m open to trying a new weapon to kill bad guys. I suspect that the big gaps between play sessions will likely cause me to forget that I even earned this achievement, but I’ll soon learn … I hope.

Thus concludes today’s gaming. Two platinum PlayStation trophies, a few levels of my beloved clickers and an Xbox achievement to round-out the day.

All that’s missing is a pay check for all that effort!

Flock off, feather-face!


DmC Devil May Cry: Definitive Edition • You have defeated the Tyrant in the church • 10G • 45.51% of gamers unlocked this

Before we touch a single thing, I have questions …

  • Why did they prefix the game title with ‘DmC’ and then proceed to spell it out anyway?
  • Why is Tyrant capitalised as a proper noun and Church isn’t?

OK. I’m probably not going to get answers to either of them, but I want them on the record.

It’s half past midnight as I write this and I feel like I needed to get a bit ahead of the game. Tomorrow … well, today … is a big day out in the city, so the Boy Scout in me can’t help but Be Prepared.

After my mini-trauma of discovering Vermintide was online, I completed my Hitman Elusive Target then skimmed my library for something unfinished. DmC was there and looking fairly lonely, so I decided to give it a go – not realising quite how rusty your mind gets with things like this – and so I spent a not-insignificant portion of time trying to reacquaint myself with the controls. I got there in the end, or at least enough to hold my own (with the help of a revival orb).

This achievement is kind of progressive, so killing the Tyrant is at the end of the level, but rather than issuing a ‘you’ve passed the level,” it shifts it back to the specific action – killing the Tyrant – for the reward.

Anyway, none of this is getting me any sleep. Until tomorrow!



I felt like playing something ‘new’ tonight, and I was on the verge of starting off Bioshock Infinite when I thought a bit of Dante and Devil May Cry might be better to sate my evening appetite for demon slaying.

I was a big, big fan of the original DmC, but I equally enjoy this reboot and the fast-paced combat and puzzles littered throughout. I’m only two missions in, but already I can see the places where you need to go through and find keys and lost souls and other collectibles that provide games like this some longevity beyond the campaign.

As much as I enjoy it though, it really is just a campaign run for me. I find myself skipping cutscenes every so often and I’ve died a few times in a hurry to get through the mission rather than reading the tutorial pop-up, but nothing that’s grounded my experience so far. It’s fast, it’s fun, and sometimes that’s exactly what you need.

100 demons had to die to unlock this achievement. It’s worth 10G and 66.59% of gamers have unlocked it.