My Name is Mayo!


My Name is Mayo! • Unlock all the trophies! • Platinum Trophy • Rarity 94.2% (Common)

I actually planned on writing this entry with a negative infliction – paying-out on this title that requires little more than smashing the X button 10,000 times, with the odd moment of respite to switch the ‘challenges’ around for the correct unlock.

But then I also realised I’ve spent the better part of this year writing my PC entries about clickers and how much I’ve enjoyed them, so I had a ‘what’s it gonna be?’ moment with myself, and I’ve honestly come down much more positively.

There’s something really bloody nice about a Platinum trophy. I’ve earned a few of them in my time – all on my old account, and this is my first one using my preferred login … which has, until now, been abandoned largely as a result of my ‘anti-PlayStation’ kink. So now that I’ve started my journey to boost my PSN profile again, I’m hoping I might be able to find other short and sharp casual games to see if I can hoard a few more platinums. Time, money and inclination permitting.

In terms of gameplay – well, I’ve written it all haven’t I? You click. You click some more. Click, clickity click click click …

… If you don’t wear out the X button first.


Trend Setter



Ragnarok Clicker • Transcend the world 3 times

My addiction to transcension continues today, finally landing enough gold to transcend for a third time on Ragnarok Clicker. Having done a bit of a Google to understand how the concept of transcension works, I have a bit of a better idea now – the main concept being that transcending makes it easier to get to higher levels faster, surpassing them a little bit each time. It’s a novel concept, and I haven’t worked out the quickest path to achieve a good rate of return, but I like that I was able to learn a little more about a game format that I quite like.

This weekend is a free-play weekend for Wildlands on PS4, so I downloaded that overnight to see whether it’s worth doing a Platinum-run on that. I spent some time this morning detaching my old PlayStation login from my Ubisoft Club (the old ‘UPlay’) account and adding on my new ID. I think I’m in a place now where I’m a little sad about seeing all those trophies go, and it feels more like a death than a divorce, but I think it’s fair to say that Sony isn’t going to do anything about it. Even if they patch in the use of a different field for usernames, it will forever be tied to your original, or legacy, username – and I’d rather something I’m happy with than something that has given me a touch of angst.

Otherwise, it’s the freakin’ weekend here, so I’m off to grab my Xbox achievement and then mix-it-up a bit between the rest of my gaming platforms.

So many games, such little time to play them.

Is this real life?



Clicker Heroes • Ascend the world 10 times

I feel like I might need to rename this blog Clicker Achievement a Day but no doubt that there is little difference between this and any other game that you get ‘on a roll’ with. I decided to abandon my post-transcending run to clean up some of the more mainstream achievements first, including today’s effort which required me to transcend three times to unlock this achievement.

I can’t quite pinpoint what the buff is that gives me greater damage, particularly in the DPS stats, but I have little difficulty flying through many of the early levels now, even without much intervention. Gold comes more quickly, damage is higher, and now that I’ve worked out how to auto-advance, I’m only required to check-in on the progress once every hour or two.

As a result, I was able to fast track much of the ascension just to earn enough to be able to set Amenhotep’s level 150 ability up and pull the metaphorical trigger. Even at restart which would normally require me to build up a bit of a baseline before I could unlock the better DPS is gone … and what’s better, is that now I’ve completed this achievement, I’ve earned an additional bonus 1k click damage from the start!

I’ll make an effort to whip around some of my other clickers tomorrow just to check-in on them. I have no doubt that there’s plenty of gold, teeth, or whatever commodity is being harvested ready to collect and spend.

Or, if the mood grabs me, I might have a session transcending in those games as well!




Clicker Heroes • Transcend 1 Time

And so, we now arrive on the other side of the transcension barrier. There seems to be quite a few achievements on offer post-transcension, though, admittedly, none of them look like ‘quick wins’. Rather, the achievements are for completing anywhere between Zone 4,000 to 30,000 … so I don’t know whether I jumped on this one too early, or whether there is some meta game that I’m supposed to know about to maximise my heroes’ DPS, but either way, I’ve transcended and earned myself, at the very least, this achivement.

I’m sure I’ve mentioned before the excitement of ‘starting again’ when it comes to a good clicker, and for much of my lunchbreak, this is exactly what I felt as I retweaked my game to be able to cope with an ascension.

The only thing I’m confused about now is the use of mercenaries, because it looks like they have been locked-away as part of the transcension (requiring me to ascend like a normal person).

Perhaps a bit of a read of some internet guides are in order to get a bit of a handle on techniques will help me.

Third Class Leveler



Ragnarok Clicker • Beat Level 140

I did it! I am finally back past the threshold that I stupidly fell short of last time, and am now rocketing past level 140! My idle gold collecting was still happening way too slow to make any serious progress on levelling up my heroes – or, more importantly, buying a new one. But some strategic thinking about my boosts – namely doubling up on my 2x DPS boost (assumedly making it 4x?) and clicking the hell out of the mouse got me across the line in the end.

Winner winner chicken dinner!

And so, now we grind for a bit longer. Much longer. There is literally an achievement for passing level 3,400 so I imagine we’ll be here for a bit longer yet.

Click, click, click.

Sore Finger



Ragnarok Clicker • Click 10,000 times

I am so, so close to level 140, but no matter how much I boost some of my characters and set all my boosts to run at the same time, I just can’t get over the line to 140. Even with all that and my index finger doing largely inappropriate mouse clicks in the office while I’m hunched over a screen is questionable – but I get to choose Ragnarok Clicker as today’s achievement, because in my flurry of blows to the small witchetty grub at level 139, I managed to unlock the achievement for clicking 10,000 times.

Let me preface this by saying – I dactually haven’t managed to click that often and that frequently. For the most part, most of my more benign gaming is kept to business hours – or certainly lunchbreaks – which is book-ended by real-world work in the meantime. I wish I had more time to play games!

Tonight I have a bit of a choice to make – whether I get stuck into the deliciously character-driven Batman (from Telltale), or whether to go tried-and-true with something like Borderlands.

Decisions, decisions …

Bounty: Woodchip, the Rodent



Clicker Heroes • Defeat Woodchip, the Rodent

Nothing particularly challenging here. Woodchip, a fairly benign-looking rat pops up at Level 300, and after cashing-in a whole heap of idle cash from overnight, it was more than enough to boost my heroes up enough to take him out.

And so, the journey continues.

From what I can tell, there looks to be a bounty achievement to win for every 100 levels, with zone progression achievements kicking-in after about level 1,000 and unlocking about every 200 zones thereafter. My progress is certainly not in the 100-zones-a-day level, but I’d like to clean-up all of the bounty achievements before I consider transcendence. I’ll wait and see how I feel about the process at Level 1,000 before I make a decision about pushing on or cashing in for another achievement. As I’ve talked about before, there is something quite cathartic about cashing in your chips and starting again … just make sure you check achievement progress before you do so.

Tonight will be a very quick session on the Xbox along with the accompanying write-up. After a terrible night up with my daughter, I am just about ready for bed now – and it’s three o’clock in the afternoon!

Kleptomania resurges



Insanity Clicker • Open 100 chests during all the playthrough

A little more clicker love today, but as it turns out, my pursuit of this achievement was way off. ‘Opening a chest’, it seems, has nothing to do with opening the suitcases that drop onto the screen at random intervals of play, but rather it relates to the defeat of a particular monster that is rotated through the enemy list with varying degrees of frequency.

Imagine my surprise.

The solution for this was dropping back a few levels and letting my … army? … smash through enemies quickly at around level 100 or so in order to rotate through to the ‘chests’ quicker and eventually unlock the achievement. Tracking the progress was easy enough via the statistics page (under ‘kills’) which makes sense when you work out what you’re doing, but considering I had managed to get this far in ignorance is a special level of dumb.


The Red Baron



Clicker Heroes • Complete 25 Ruby Quests

I was actually thinking of letting this one slide today. Not that I was doing so out of needing to desperately earn an achievement or anything – but I just actually ‘felt’ like breaking the cycle of PC achievement earning in order to ‘take the foot off the throttle’ a little bit.

That being said – I did earn an achievement, so it seemed like a bit of a waste not to cash it in and log it here. I either didn’t remember or couldn’t be bothered to take a screenshot though – so it’s an old shot from what looks to be early-game, either when I first played or post-transcendence, either way – it’s a pretty picture to go with the accompanying Tweet. Enjoy at your discretion.

Today’s gaming has otherwise been fairly quiet. I knocked (accidentally) another achievement over in Wildlands, and I have aspirations of finishing another ‘arm’ of the cartel tomorrow which should just about put me on the home straight. I have some time booked in with my PlayStation Vita now so if I get something after midnight, I might take the time to write about that in the morning as well.

Otherwise, it’s late. And I’m tired. Goodnight!

Adept of Forgotten Gods



Insanity Clicker • Perform Hellish ritual 10 times

This is a quick one tonight as I’m writing this on the highway home after a delicious Good Friday dinner. It’s 11pm, and I’m tossing up between staying steady to get my Xbox achievement or opening up Age of Empires on iOS and locking that baby down.


Update: its now 11.41pm and I’ve just started Bigby. Let’s see if I can get it done!