The 2017-2018 Challenge

In 2013, I first had the idea to take my passion for gaming and earn an Xbox achievement every day. I’m not sure exactly what happened, but that challenge became a PlayStation or an Xbox Achievement everyday, and then I added Steam Achievements to the list, and then iOS Game Centre Achievements, until the whole thing became a farce in-and-of itself.

So, this page, its Twitter account, and the idea lay dormant for a few years, until early 2017 when I started making a few entries on my personal blog with the simple tag, #achievementaday. After going at it consistently for a few months, I feel like I’m up for committing to the challenge

So, starting 1 July 2017, I intend to earn at least one Xbox Achievement everyday, from across the Xbox console, PC and mobile gaming library. The idea is to continue the challenge for at least a year, and then re-evaluate whether to keep going or try something new (or do nothing at all!).

This is not a record attempt. If anything, I start several years behind Jeremy Dunham, who notoriously chases an Xbox Achievement and a PlayStation trophy every day himself. This serves as nothing more than a creative outlet to talk about gaming achievements and the passion of the hunt.

Nonetheless, thanks for coming along for the ride!